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For over 30 years, the Casa entities have been working through Joao de Faria at the Casa to bring miraculous healings to millions of people. Also known as Joao de Deus ("John of God"), Joao is one of the world's most powerful fully incorporating mediums; he willingly allows the Casa entities to take over his body so that he can channel healing energy to the thousands of people he treats each week. Medium Joao says, "I don't heal. God heals. I am just a man." Medium Joao provides the divine energy healing free of cost to any person visiting the Casa in search of healing.

The Casa is not a religious organization and does not have an affiliation to any religion. The Casa has received visits and commendations from representatives of the world's major religious groups, government leaders, and celebrities. It remains an unaffiliated meeting place for any people seeking compassionate healing energy.

Stones are a vessel and a channel for the Casa energy. Thus they are metaphors for us - people - vessels and channels that we are. While Casa Crystals and Gems™ are an excellent instrument for connecting to the Casa energy, there is no substitute for a personal visit to the Casa itself.

Where is the Casa?

The Casa (the Portuguese and Spanish word for "House") is a healing and meditation center located in Brazil. The Casa de Dom Inacio, or "House of Ignatius" is named for the patron entity Ignatius of Loyola. The Casa consists of several small buildings and gardens clustered on a few acres. The spot is perched at the top edge of long, low valley that offers a beautiful view for miles.

The Casa is located in the town of Abadiania in central Brazil, a two-hour car ride from Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. Getting to Abadiania is easy, but it is a long trip. You can fly to Rio or Sao Paulo from just about any country, and then take a quick connecting flight to Brasilia. Abadiania is a little village of small concrete buildings with tile or corrugated tin roofs. The weather is always a temperate 70 degrees with just a little fluctuation during the year. This part of central Brazil is cattle country. Livestock dot rolling hills which are green or brown depending on the time of year. Below ground lives a huge deposit of pure quartz crystal, and Brazil is the world's largest exporter of quartz crystal.

The Casa has a long and colorful history. The history of Medium Joao and a detailed description of the Casa and its workings are available in the book Miracle Man, written by Robert Pellegrino.

The Story of Medium Joao

The story begins with the extraordinary life of Joao de Faria, who later became known as Medium Joao, or "John of God." Joao was raised on a farm, and demonstrated clairvoyant abilities at a young age. He earned a living by doing menial labor and later working as a tailor.

One day, he had a vision telling him to go to a designated place in a nearby town. When he arrived, several people welcomed him saying they had expected him. He walked inside the building and the next thing he remembers is being hugged and told that he had just spent hours healing many people. He had no recollection of this, or of the time that had passed while he was doing the healing.

This event caused a great stir and his fame spread. People came from all over the area to see the great healer. This aroused the fear and anger of the local religious and medical practitioners and he was forced to move. Thus for years he continued to move from place to place and he was continually being harassed and jailed for offending those in power.

Finally he was guided to Abadiania, to start what became the Casa. It is located on a massive dome of quartz crystal with a magnificent view. For over 35 years, people have been traveling from all over Brazil and from every corner of the earth to visit the Casa. Brazilians travel for three days each way on a bus to visit for just one day.

About Casa Healing

People visit the Casa for healings of every conceivable malady: Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis, nerve damage, all kinds of physical trauma, emotional and spiritual trauma, psychic attachments?and much more. Some people go because they cannot afford to pay medical doctors, some go because medical doctors cannot heal them. Some people go when they are at death's door, others go to accompany a sick friend but then find themselves healed.

Three days each week, Medium Joao invites discarnate entities (spirits or souls without bodies) to take over his physical body completely so that they can perform their healings. There are a handful of entities that commonly appear from a host of thousands that work at the Casa. When a person approaches the entities (incarnate temporarily in Medium Joao's body) for a healing, the entities discuss their healing plan with the person's higher self, and then review the person's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. After this review process, a healing plan is created and then enacted. The patient rarely learns the details of the plan, but often feels its effects in numerous ways.

Sometimes the healing is quick and obvious; other times the healing is not noticeable and a cure may take many visits over a long period of time. Some people are never healed. Each healing is dependant on each person's unique situation which is a combination of karma, faith, and the higher self's plan. However, there is a long list of documented "miraculous" healings, and Casa visitors are amazed by the healings they feel themselves, see in others, and hear about from the healed people they meet.


Focusing Energy

Casa-energized stones will provide healing energy, whether it be for yourself, as tools for healing practitioners working on others, or as gifts to people who know nothing about the Casa. Casa-energized stones will emit beneficial energy even if the recipient does not actively work with the stone. However, the energy of the stones can be significantly increased if used with a strong and focused intention.

How a person or a healing practitioner focuses intention is a very personal preference. It could be as simple as just thinking about healing, about the ever-perfect body condition, while holding a Casa stone during meditation. In my practice, I begin by calling in my helping spirits and guides, I ask for healing for the highest and best good of all, and I focus on light, love, peace and compassion.

Casa Crystals and Gems™ add energy to any meditation. Whatever is your intention with the meditation, holding a crystal will aid and facilitate both the intention and the result. I often find that meditating with a Casa Crystal™ in my hands helps them to dissolve, as well as other parts of my body, as if the crystal has melted and become part of me.

Healing Yourself

The Casa entities have an inexhaustible amount of compassion, and they will always encourage you first to "Love Yourself." When you use Casa-energized stones to heal yourself, you tap into this grand compassionate consciousness. Casa Crystals™ will provide healing energy to you if you do not work with them actively, even if they just sit on your desk at the office or decorate the furniture in your home.

If you do work with Casa Crystals and Gems™ actively, the healing energy does increase. There are as many ways to work with Casa-energized stones as there are people with an unlimited number of ideas. Here is a meditation that I have found to be effective:

Hold a crystal in your hand and close your eyes. Visualize the parts of your body, emotions, mind, or higher self that is experiencing pain or dis-ease. See the vibration of the stone enter that part of your body and change the vibration there to one that is more in harmony with the stone. Feel the two different vibrations-- the one of your body and the other of the stone--side by side, singing a song together in harmony.

Keeping your eyes closed, move the crystal around your body touching any places that feel good. Some parts of your body like the feeling of the cool stone, and others like the feeling of the warm stone after it has been heated in your hand. You can also direct the pointed end of the stone to areas in your body that need help, and direct energy from divine source, through your hand, amplified by the stone, and into your body.

Healing Others

One of the universal attributes of Casa energy is its massive compassionate quality. When you add your compassion to the compassion of the entities, you are co-creating a very powerful healing energy for the recipient. The recipient could be your patient (if you are a healing practitioner), or it could be a friend to whom you have given a Casa-energized stone as a gift.

Healing practitioners can use Casa Crystals and Gems™ the same way as they would use other crystals in their healing practice. Casa Crystals and Gems™ invite a whole new "team" of helpers for practitioners. When you open yourself to work with the Casa entities, it is common to find that one Entity may step forward to be the main Entity that works with you. In this way people develop very personal relationships with a particular Entity that can add significantly to the power and effectiveness of your healing practice.

Giving Gifts

Casa Crystals and Gems™ have a magnetic quality--when people see them they want to pick them up and hold them. They look great on an office desk where they serve to neutralize electromagnetic energy and to give people something to play with while they talk on the telephone. The stones will provide energy even to people that do not know about the special energy in the stones. Although intention will increase the stone's power, they still provide a powerful energy to people who are not yet open to this consciousness.

We are always amazed at the stories we hear from people to whom we have given a crystal. I once gave a crystal to a man, and three days later he needed emergency eye surgery. He told me afterwards that there was a series of coincidences that occurred that resulted in him regaining full vision in his eye. He found the right doctor, at the right time, and had the surgery immediately. I gave another woman a crystal for her husband who was in the hospital, gravely ill, following a long operation with a low success rate. He was bedridden and almost comatose. She stroked his face with the crystal and within a few days he was up and walking around, and soon afterwards left the hospital. If you or someone you know have had similar experiences, we would love to hear about them!


Highest and Best

Most people go to the Casa with a specific problem, in search of quick and easy solution. The entities do their best to accommodate these specific requests. But they must work within the boundaries that you set for them. Your boundaries are a combination of your personal karma, your intention, and the plan of your higher self. While you are asking the entities for healing of your physical body or emotions, your physical body is simply the manifestation of energies in your astral (non-visible) bodies?emotional, mental, and spiritual. In addition, your higher self has a plan designed to teach you lessons. The Casa entities look at this entire package before beginning a healing plan that is uniquely designed for your situation. When you tell them to do a specific healing, it further limits what they can do for you.

As a result, the most powerful way to work with the Casa entities is to ask for a "highest and best" healing, and then leave it up to them to work on you at the level that is best for your needs.

There are some effects of Casa healing that are commonly reported. For example, as the entities go to work on removing karmic energies that are holding you back, your physical body may respond with cleansing operations. Many people report an improvement in their vision, even if they were not looking for this kind of help. While it can be very tiring when the entities first begin to work on you, in the longer term their work often results in a clearer mind and higher body energy. They also work to harmonize and balance your chakras in order to facilitate their healing. Their healing may also cause changes in your life experiences which can range from mild to dramatic.

Cleansing and Detoxifying

In order to effect the highest and best healing for you, the Casa entities often work on your body to cleanse and clear pathways in order to move your body to higher vibrations. It is not uncommon for visitors to the Casa to experience some (or none) of these cleansings: headaches, dizziness, vomiting, coughing, sweating, diarrhea, involuntary twitching, temporary memory loss; and bouts of anxiety, fear, frustration, depression and euphoria. These episodes usually do not last long and they are all symptoms of Casa cleansing that is meant to prepare you for a higher vibration and healing.

Casa Crystals and Gems™ may provoke some of these symptoms without your specific intention to do so. Cleansing is a powerful part of the healing process. If you work with the crystals specifically for this purpose, you can accelerate the cleaning, and healing process. If you use other cleansing modalities such as diet or exercise, working with Casa Crystals and Gems™ during this time will support and enhance the effectiveness of those programs.

Improving Visual and Mental Acuity, and Energy

People visit the Casa from all over the world for a variety of illnesses. However, a common side effect is the improvement of vision. People who need eyewear with a strong correction may find they need new glasses with a lower prescription, and people with a mild correction may find they need none at all following a visit. Working with the crystals could facilitate an improvement in vision if you draw on this energy and direct it to your eyes.

The Casa also provides a similar effect on mental acuity and overall bodily energy. Periods of cleansing or healing will make you feel more tired and increase your need for sleep. But these periods are temporary and are followed by periods of improved clarity of mind and heightened bodily energy. People that visit the Casa who do not need healing but are looking to deepen their spiritual practice often report a vast increase in energy and reduced need for sleep. Working with the crystals with this intention can draw out these energies.

Chakra Balancing

Before receiving an operation at the Casa, the entities often request that patients have a session in the crystal bath. The purpose of this is to open up, balance, and harmonize all of the chakras in order to facilitate further healing, and to make the effects of their healing less difficult to handle. Working with Casa Crystals and Gems™ with this intention supports thjis opening, balancing, and grounding. Here is a meditation that I use for grounding and balancing the chakras:

I begin the meditation by closing my eyes and imagining a beautiful and peaceful place in nature where I feel safe. There I find a large tree stump and sit on it. I see myself as a ball of light perched on the tree stump, merging with the stump, and moving down into its roots. I can feel the roots surrounded by the earth, air, water, and fire of the earth's core. Then I move out and move up to the heaven's where all is pure light and energy. I move my perspective all the way up, and then all the way to the earth's core, first one then the other, seeing every position. Finally I experience all of the places as one inseparable.

During this mediation I hold a crystal in one or both hands, and I feel the crystal as part of my body, letting its vibration retune my own body's vibration as I move through the meditation. There are many other visualizations you can bring into this meditation depending on what you are drawn to. For example, you could feel the balance of nature and incorporate this into visualizations of the chakras, using the stone to balance each chakra. You could also incorporate the vibration of your voice to more drive the crystals vibration deeper within the core of each chakra.

Accelerating Karma and Life Path Experiences

Working with Casa Crystals and Gems™ and the Casa entities will support changes in your life and your life path to the same degree that you invite change into your life. If you open completely to the unknown, you will achieve the highest and greatest healing. However, depending on how far off your scripted path you may be at the time, you may be inviting large changes into your life. The entities ask you what you want; after you tell them, they do their best to give it to you but you may not get what you expected.

Charging Water for Drinking or Bathing

Casa Crystals and Gems™ are great for charging drinking or bath water. You can put a crystal in a large bottle of water, and then send intention to the crystal to raise the vibration of the water. This transmutes the water, raising the vibration of the water; drinking the water then sends that higher vibration throughout your body. You can create a powerful meditation by sitting in a hot bath with a crystal on your stomach. Move the crystal around your body and especially to your forehead. I like to add bath salt and use hot water until I am sweating, and then close my eyes holding a crystal. Then I feel the higher charge of the water surrounding me, I feel each and every pore of my skin absorbing it. I can feel the salty sweat leave my body pulling out the impurities and toxins, and I can feel that fluid replaced by the salty, crystal-charged, higher-vibration bathwater.

Crystal Beds, Crystal Baths

A crystal bed or crystal bath involves lying down on a bed with seven crystals positioned just above your body pointing to the seven chakra points. The crystals are inserted into an apparatus that hovers above your body. Each crystal has a light behind it, and the light changes colors, imbuing each chakra with the full color spectrum. The crystal bed is an important part of a visit to the Casa. The entities may ask you to have a crystal bed session before they perform a surgery. For most people, the crystal bed is an excellent way to balance and cleanse the chakras, while providing a full blast of Casa energy to your entire body.

Setting up a crystal bed requires a visit to the Casa and the permission of the Casa entities. The bed uses crystal cut in a very special pattern, and these are only available from Medium Joao. There are now some practitioners in the United States (Heather Cumming) who use a Casa crystal bed in their healing practices. Casa Crystals and Gems™ should not be used to make your own crystal bed.

Travelling to the Casa

If you would like to travel to the Casa, you can go on your own or with one of the many excellent official Casa guides. For more information, visit the "Friends of the Casa" website at www.friendsofthecasa.org.

Trip Leaders to the Casa

Here is an incomplete list of trip leaders to the Casa. If you are a trip leader and would like to be listed, please contact me.

Heather Cumming

Bob Dinga and Diana Rose
Miracles of John of God

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John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions
by Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler

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by Anne Macksoud and Emma Bragdon

The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus
by Josie Ravenwing

Spiritual Alliances: Discovering the Roots of Health at the Casa de Dom Inacio
by Emma Bragdon

The Miracle Man: The Life Story Of Joao De Deus
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